Do MW2 Raids have matchmaking?

mw2 raid matchmaking

MW2 Raids are an all-new experience for the Call of Duty franchise. They bring together aspects from Spec Ops, and take inspiration from the likes of Destiny 2, to create something that’s not only difficult to complete but also encourages teamwork.

This means that you’re going to have to go into these MW2 Raids as a squad, otherwise, you might simply not be able to survive. Below, we’ll be running you through if MW2 Raids have matchmaking so you know whether you need to prepare your squad, or simply match up with some like-minded players.

Do MW2 Raids have matchmaking?

mw2 raid atomgrad

If you’re jumping into the new Raid game mode for MW2, you’re going to need a squad to do it with as it is a three-player activity. Due to this, many have been wondering if there is matchmaking for Raids in MW2 so they don’t have to rely on that one flaky teammate that either fails to show up on time, or simply doesn’t turn up at all.

Sadly, as confirmed by the latest ‘Intel Drop’ from the Infinity Wards devs, there will be no MW2 Raid matchmaking. This is pretty disappointing considering that there is matchmaking in literally every new experience that has been introduced this year, even the DMZ mode which also tops out at three-player squads. This may alienate players and turn off some of those that want to hop on and get some raiding done in MW2, especially since you have to unlock Raids to begin with and get Raid Assignments.

On the flip side, to play devil’s advocate, it’s not like these Raids are a six-player activity akin to Destiny 2. You should really be able to find two other players, whether that be friends, on social media, or using something like a Looking For Group (LFG) system since Call of Duty is a multi-billion dollar franchise with millions playing worldwide.

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