DMZ Perks: How to get

dmz perks

Perks have been an absolute staple in the Call of Duty franchise, allowing you to pick and choose certain abilities to enhance your soldier in the heat of battle. Usually, the perk system is that you can select three from three different categories to keep the game balanced. In MW2, this is almost the case but with a slight twist of starting with some and actually earning them in-game as well.

DMZ Perks however have been something that has been missing from the game mode since its release and an aspect fans of the new game mode have been clambering for. Now, with Season One Reloaded, DMZ Perks have been introduced and below, we’ll talk you through how to get them.

How to get perks in DMZ

dmz perks how to get

So, if you want to enhance your abilities in DMZ to hopefully survive for longer and gain the advantage over any enemy squads, you need to know how to get Perks. Thankfully, getting Perks in DMZ is pretty straightforward but it does require a certain amount of skill.

You won’t simply be able to select DMZ Perks as soon as you load up the mode. In fact, akin to how you get a Nuke in Warzone 2, you will need to get some game time in on DMZ to do so. If you want these Perks, you’re going to have complete a contract and exfil, and on your next DMZ match, you will spawn in with a random Perk for you to enjoy. You can do this all the way until you get an exfil streak of ten, which then means you’ll have a set of ten Perks at your disposal.

With the introduction of Building 21 however, if you exfil, no matter if you’ve completed a contract or not, you will be rewarded with another notch on the exfil streak.

Once you die after receiving these Perks, unfortunately, they will be lost and you will have to grind again to secure their benefits again so you’ll have to play extra cautious if you want to keep hold of them.

And there you have it. It’s actually pretty simple method to get perks in DMZ, and in our opinion, the fact you don’t start with them adds a bit of a challenge to the process.

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