DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location

DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key

The new DMZ mode that looks to freshen things up between your endless multiplayer matches and Warzone 2 escapades, has a bunch of different mechanics in it that you might not be used to. One of these is the addition of valuable loot which you need to either exfil with for additional XP, or cash in at a buy station for some money to spend on gear.

One way in which you can increase the chances of netting yourself some rare loot is through the use of Keys that you can find all across Al Mazrah. However, on some of these Keys, it’s not made abundantly clear how to find what or where they unlock. This is especially true with the DMZ Mawizeh Shop Key and below, we’ll provide you with the exact DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location so that you can secure yourself what’s inside.

DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location

If you’re struggling to find the DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location, don’t worry, you’re not alone. As previously stated, the Key descriptions don’t particularly make it clear on where exactly you can use them, probably to keep you on your toes.

For the DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key, you’re going to need to head initially to the Mawizeh Marshlands. More specifically, you’ll need to go to the west side of these Marshlands, close to the bridge that connects you to the other side of the river. In map terms, this is in the F4 quadrant.

There’s a cluster of buildings just left of the bridge and you’ll need to head toward the most westerly one. Check the map below for an even more precise location.

Once there, simply use the Key on one of the marked doors and you’ll be able to get inside and secure that all-important loot.

And there you have it, the DMZ Mawizeh Cell Shop Key location in all its glory. If you’re stuck finding the Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location, Black Mous Intel, or how to kill a Commander, read our guides on those also.

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