DMZ Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location

The new DMZ mode included with Warzone 2 and MW2 is certainly a different experience to that of just running and gunning. There’s strategy involved and your precious gear to consider due to the fact that if you are killed you’ll never see it again.

One particularly precious set of items are keys as these unlock certain doors, loot boxes, and more, allowing you to secure some precious gear to exfil with. However, while you might have the key in hand, finding where to actually use it can be tricky. This is especially true for the Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key but below, we’ll be providing the exact DMZ Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location so you can unlock it and grab some higher-tier gear.

DMZ Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location

So, if you’ve managed to net yourself a DMZ Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key on one of your Al Mazrah runs, you’re going to want to know where to slot it in so you can reap the rewards. On the key’s description, it states that you can use it in the D5 quadrant of the Al Mazrah map, specifically in Sattiq. However, this isn’t exactly precise, and the Cavern Dock Boat Shack is far more hidden than you might think.

If you check the above map image, you’ll see the exact spot you’ll need to go to. Once there, head into the Sattiq Cave Complex entrance and keep on traversing through until you see the Shack. It shouldn’t be too hard to spot as it’s the Shack that is completely on its own at the far end and will be the only one that gives you a key required prompt.

And that’s all there is to it, everything you need to find the DMZ Cavern Dock Boat Shack Key location. Now go out, get your loot, and maybe complete some missions on the way such as the Bombing Run or Medical Mule.

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