DMZ Building 21 Weapons Case: How to get

building 21 weapons case how to get

The new experience for DMZ is here – Building 21, and with it comes a bunch of new mysteries to uncover and puzzles to solve. One returning aspect from Al Mazrah that makes its way into Building 21 is Weapons Cases, and these can once again be acquired and extracted.

However, for how to get DMZ Building 21 Weapons Cases, things are a little different than what you’re typically used to. It is a multi-stage process that many are getting stuck on as there are little to no hints on where to find them.

Below, we’ll run you through exactly how to get Building 21 Weapons Cases so you can get those all-important rewards.

DMZ Building 21 Weapons Case: How to get

As previously stated, the way in which you get DMZ Building 21 Weapons Cases is vastly different to that on the standard Al Mazrah map. You won’t be taking down the Commander Juggernaut, it definitely a more complex process this time around.

building 21 weapons case

To start the Building 21 Weapons Case ‘mission’ you’ll first have to survive at least one minute. Once that one minute has passed, you’ll get a prompt on-screen stating ‘Security Locks Hack In Progress’ and once an additional minute has passed, this is when you know you can start getting the Building 21 Weapons Case.

building 21 weapons case security lock hacks in progress

Now, head through the Garage and toward the sign saying B1. Head through there and turn left. Carry on and look for a pair of double doors with a screen that says ‘LPCON BRAVO’. Open these doors and head into the Data Center server room.

Once inside, move toward the middle right of the servers and put your aim across these until you get the prompt for ‘Hold to hack the server’. Hold down your interact button for the duration of the bar. Be warned though, AI will start to flood the room so make sure your squad is on guard to fend them off.

building 21 weapons case hack the server

If you successfully complete the step, you’ll get a notice saying ‘ Data Center Hacked’, unlocking the Armory Room where the Building 21 Weapons Case is kept. This Armory Room is located on the third floor so head up there. You’ll know which one is the Armory Room as it will be an open brown door. This floor is heavily guarded and even a Wheelson spawns up there so be very careful running around.

You’ll now need to unlock the safe within and inside will be the Building 21 Weapons Case. Drill the safe as you would on Al Mazrah and wait for the progress bar to complete. If for some reason the Weapons Case is not in the safe, check the orange loot boxes within the room as some have reported that this could also be a location for it.

building 21 weapons case armory room safe

Now you have the Building 21 Weapons Case, simply head to the elevator and exfil to get it secured. Once you have you’ll be rewarded in a similar fashion to that on Al Mazrah. For a full list of the Building 21 Weapons Case rewards, check out our accompanying guide.

And that’s it, everything you need to know for how to get a DMZ Building 21 Weapons Case. If you want to get to more hidden areas within Building 21, you’ll need Access Cards. Read our guides on the Red Access Card and Blue Access Card to find out all.

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