DMZ Bombing Run Mission: How to complete

Typically in Call of Duty games, the sole purpose, or the way to win in matchups is to kill more opponents than the other team. However, with the all-new DMZ mode introduced with Warzone 2, there are a bunch of other mechanics on offer that you may want to focus on instead of simply racking up those kills.

One of these, in particular, is Missions included in DMZ that give you objectives to hit while roaming Al Mazrah so you’re not just twiddling your thumbs waiting for your next opponent to show their face. A Mission that is causing a lot of headaches is the DMZ Bombing Run Mission as it boasts a requirement for something you don’t typically do in your average game.

Below, we’ll be running you through how to complete the DMZ Bombing Run Mission so you can gain more Faction rep.

DMZ Bombing Run Mission: How to complete

So, as previously stated, the DMZ Bombing Run Mission is quite a tough ask. This is because the requirement for this Mission is to successfully exfil with 6 Killstreaks. Not only is it tricky due to the number of items that you need to be slotting into your backpack, it’s actually finding these Killstreaks without getting killed which is rather challenging.

The best way in which we have found to complete the Bombing Run Mission is to look for the orange loot boxes that are scattered around Al Mazrah. In our endeavors, these orange supply boxes have had an abundance of killstreaks in them, maybe even more than one Killstreak in a box.

Now, for where you find these orange supply boxes, one of the best places these are located is in areas that are densely populated with AI. In particular, either Strongholds or restricted areas such as Sattiq Cave in which a plethora of these orange supply boxes can be found.

We recommend you clear these areas out of AI and then proceed to loot up before moving to another of these regions to do it all over again if you haven’t already secured the magic number of Killstreaks.

If you’re having trouble with enemy squads rolling up on you and killing you before you exfil, a strategy here could be to hide in a building and wait for the exfil helicopter to land before running out and securing your loot.

Contracts are also a solid way of earning enough cash to buy Killstreaks at the various Buy Stations in Al Mazrah, but you can only get three so using a combination of these orange loot boxes and buying them could be a worthwhile endeavor.

And there you have it, everything you need to complete the tricky DMZ Bombing Run Mission! If you’re still having trouble, maybe opting to take in better weapons or gearing up a bit more before looking for the Killstreaks could aid you in your efforts but other than that, you should be good to go.

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