Cult Of The Lamb Building Materials Guide

Looking for building materials in Cult of the Lamb, this guide will help you.

This game lets you build your cult from the scratch and to progress in the game you are going to need several materials, which then can be used for building, upgrading and rituals. This is a guide to building materials in Cult of the Lamb.

Where to Find Building Materials and Why Are They Needed in Cult of the Lamb

Building Materials Cult Of The Lamb

Stones Materials

Stones are required to build sleeping chambers, farming and so on. They’re found in abundance in your cult area. Since they cannot grow back like trees you’ll need to build a stone mine for a continuous supply of it, it is unlocked using Divine Inspiration.


It is one of the most required items of this game. We need it to build farms, temples, prisons and so on. You need to assign one of your followers to chopping duty, these woods are taken from trees, and trees are everywhere in the game. You can also get lumber from lumberyards, they are unlocked by using Divine Inspiration.


Grass can be used as a decoration and is an ingredient in some recipes. It can be found in dungeons, when you go to crusade you’ll find them in abundance in areas like Darkwood.


Camellia is a red five-petal flower that you can grow on your farm. But, for that, you are going to need its seed which can be obtained by destroying the plant while on crusade. You can buy seed from Rakshasa’s shop too, he sits in front of Anchordeep


Bones are used for several purposes like for performing rituals and organizing feasting festivals. You can find bones while on the crusade.

Crystal Shards

Crystal shards are needed to complete some important side quests and for unlocking follower form. It can be first acquired from the Anchordeep dungeon.

Spider Silk

These are used for creating decoration and some also for some upgrades. It can be obtained from a Silk Cradle dungeon.


Gold coins are obtained by refining gold nuggets, they can also be obtained by selling fish, from chests and by making your followers pay.


These can be obtained from Outhouses and are used as fertilizer for your farm as well as used as a food ingredient.

Menticide Mushroom

This item is used in some rituals as well as decoration. This can be found in the Anura area.

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