Coin Master: How To Block Attacks

Find out more about blocking an attack and saving your village in Coin Master.

Village Attacks are a part of Coin Master and keep the game exciting for players. However, if your village is getting attacked, again and again, you might want to know how to block attacks in Coin Master. This will prevent your village from getting destroyed and save the progress you have made toward completing it.

Let us find out more about blocking attacks below.

How To Block Attacks In Coin Master?


There are multiple ways to prevent your village from being destroyed. Let us take a look at all the options to block an attack in Coin Master below.

Use Shields To Block Attacks

You have the option to use a shield to block attacks on your village. Shields can prevent up to 5 attacks in your village. Shields are a limited resource and you can win them from the slot machine. If you activate a Shield in your village, it will be activated till there is an attack on the village.

Rhino Pet

If you have run out of shields, you can also activate your Rhino Pet to block attacks in Coin Master. This pet can be attained after completing the creature’s card set. You will have to feed Rhino to keep him active and defend your village. Once you have fed your Rhino Pet, it will defend your village for 4 hours before needing to feed again.

Request Friends Not To Attack

You can also try to convince some friends to not attack your village repeatedly. However, raids are a big part of the game. If a friend is not specifically targeting your village, it is best to just use the defenses above to block attacks.

Ghost Mode

You can also play the game in Ghost Mode and become untraceable to your friends. This will effectively stop the attacks on your village and you can quietly progress through the game.

Unfriend Players

This is a pretty drastic measure but you can choose to unfriend friends from your Facebook account. This will automatically remove them from your Coin Master friend list if you are connected to the game through Facebook.


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