Chimera DMZ: How to get Silver Tox Blueprint

chimera dmz silver tox

The new DMZ mode has brought a breath of fresh air for Call of Duty players around the globe, allowing you to perform tasks, take on missions, and extract, rather than the typical run-and-gun gameplay of old. Now, with Season One Reloaded, Infinity Ward has doubled down on DMZ, introducing an all-new area for you to explore; Building 21.

With Building 21 comes new loot and rewards to aim for. One new addition in particular that fans have been wanting to get their hands on is the DMZ Chimera so they’re able to unlock the gun and use it in not only DMZ but also Warzone 2 and MW2.

Below, we’ll take you through how to get the Chimera in DMZ and unlock the Silver Tox weapon Blueprint. Let’s get into the steps.

Chimera DMZ: How to get Silver Tox Blueprint

So, you want the DMZ Chimera? Well, you’re going to have to work pretty hard to get your hands on it.

To get the Chimera in DMZ, you have to unlock the Silver Tox weapon Blueprint for this new weapon. Your attention needs to be on Building 21, as alluded to earlier, so before you can think of getting the Chimera, you’ll need a Building 21 Access Card found in Al Mazrah.

Once you’ve acquired one of those, head into Building 21 from the main menu. Now comes the grind. To get the Silver Tox Chimera weapon Blueprint, you need to extract Building 21 Weapon Cases. Yes, that’s right, if you weren’t aware, there are Weapon Cases in this new map, but these aren’t shown on the map like Al Mazrah.

To get Building 21 Weapon Cases, you’ll need to perform a few tasks, so read our guide on the full process to learn all.

building 21 weapons case reward 6 silver tox

When you know how to get Building 21 Weapon Cases, you’ll have to extract six (yes six) of these and then you’ll be rewarded with the Silver Tox Chimera weapon Blueprint, similar to that of if you extracted seven Weapon Cases on Al Mazrah for the Biohazard Konig Skin.

Once you’ve done all that, you should have the Chimera unlocked for use in any game mode.

If you want to know the other Building 21 Weapon Case rewards, how to get a Blue Access Card or Red Access Card, take a look at our guides for those!

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