CartoonCrazy: Best Free Similar Sites To Watch Anime In 2022

Check out these top 7 perfect alternatives to Cartoon Crazy. These websites will allow you to stream your favorite cartoon, anime, and manga shows for free.

Cartooncrazy is an online add-on that allows users to see all their favorite cartoon shows. While cartoons and anime shows have evolved over time their popularity has only risen. Most of the 90s classic anime shows have gone off air making it harder to stream. That is where Cartooncrazy comes in for users to watch their all-time favorite shows on a single webpage.

You can now use cartoon crazy, to find all the classic shows along with the new ones. These animes are also dubbed for users’ convenience. Other crazy cartoons include all-new shows across various networks. Cartooncrazy also allows users to search for their favorite genre of cartoons.

What is the cartoon crazy Kodi add-on?

Cartoons are a big part of growing up. For generation Z, watching cartoons and anime have become a daily addiction for children. However, as a parent choosing the right kind of cartoon on television can become a difficult task. To make it easier, the cartoon crazy Kodi add-on can be used. Apart from featuring various different cartoons it also has other children-friendly programs. The application runs on the popular Kodi media center.

Since it supports Kodi, Cartoon Crazy is suitable for any platform. One of the best features of Kodi is its multiple add-ons to search for different online content. However, one must also note that Kodi add-ons have a significant amount of risks involved. They scour through the internet for videos that the user wants to see. This might also include shows that have been pirated by host websites. Cartooncrazy merely indexes them, so one must be extra cautious while using this Kodi add-on.

How to use cartoon crazy safely and privately?

While Cartoncrazy makes searching for shows easier, it also has certain risks involved. The add-on can sometimes show pirated content on its webpage. These sources may be illegal to view in your country and can land you in trouble.

Another important aspect of the Kodi add-on is that it is susceptive to hacking. In such cases, any hacker can infect your computer with malware. The very basic precaution for all these probable issues is the use of a VPN.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are required for streaming safely. You must use a VPN even if you are streaming legal content online.  A VPN uses encryption to hide your online activity while also protecting your privacy. For users of the Kodi add-on, IPVanish a Nord is the recommended VPN service.

Best Alternatives & Similar Websites Like CartoonCrazy

1. Watch Cartoon Online

Watch Cartoon online is the perfect alternative for cartoon crazy. From its large varieties of anime shows and manga, it is the right place for any cartoon lover. The website is addictive and unlike any other cartoon streaming site, you have ever seen. One of the best features of this website is that it lets users download their favorite videos or animes. Along with its vast collection, kids can now download their favorite shows and stream them offline.

2. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is another popular Cartooncrazy alternative. The website is popular due to its multiple ranges of genres available. The website has a diverse collection of anime to boast and is as much for children as it is for adults. GoGoAnime is the perfect place for any cartoon or anime lover. You can find any genre of anime show on this website along with its latest episodes which is always a plus.

3. Toon Jet

Are you missing your old-time favourite cartoon shows? Then Toon Jet is the right place for you. From old-time classic cartoon shows to current top-rated rib-tickling ones, Toon Jet has it all. Its wide range of collection makes it one of the most popular alternatives to Cartooncrazy. The best thing about this platform is that it’s free of cost. Users also do not have to sign up in order to watch their favorite cartoons online.

4. Animeland

The name Animeland speaks for itself. The website lets you enjoy innumerable anime shows, each dubbed in English. The shows are arranged in alphabetical order making it easier for users to choose from their varied collection. Animeland does not require a subscription which is why it’s popular among cartoon lovers. All you need to do is select on your favourite show or episode and you go on streaming for free.

5. Netflix

Netflix has changed the streaming game exponentially. This one OTT giant needs no introduction. Its vast popularity all over the globe has reached immense heights. Netflix offers a wide range of original as well as existing classic content on its platform. Users can find their favorite anime classic shows along with its Netflix adaptation all in one place. While you may need a subscription to stream these shows, some of the originals are available for free.

Apart from streaming movies and TV shows, Netflix has a varied collection of satirical cartoon originals like Bojack Horseman. What is amazing about this streaming platform is that it filters content for both Kids and Adults. So check out Netflix to start streaming your favorite shows now.

How can I watch dubbed anime?

You can now stream dubbed anime in English from alternative websites like JustDubs & WatchDub. Check out now!

6. JustDubs

JustDubs is the perfect place for cartoon lovers to stream their favorite shows. The website has tonnes of options ranging from cartoon shows to the latest anime. It also allows you to search a show based on any available genre. JustDubs is entirely free of cost and lets you download anime without any hassle.

7. WatchDub

WatchDub is an anime website and is among the best alternatives to Cartoon Crazy. Users can notice the similarity between both from the website design only. WatchDub offers a variety of cartoons, anime shows on its platforms along with the latest releases. You can also search your favorite content based on any genre.

Cartoons have played a significant role in shaping our childhood. From Mickey Mouse’s debut on the big screen to Tom Jerry’s immense popularity, cartoons have also been a big part of our growing up. While cinema and the audience have changed over time, cartoon content has always remained relevant and popular. Children have now easier access to streaming their favorite shows due to the availability of Cartooncrazy.

Streaming services like Cartooncrazy and its alternatives allow parents and kids to watch their favorite shows any time anywhere. So go ahead and get a slice of your childhood while you still can, and make sure to savor every moment of the journey.

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