Call Of Duty Mobile: How To Get Nuke?

Want to get Nuke in COD Mobile? Check this guide out.

Call Of Duty Mobile has evolved to great lengths by adapting the gameplay to many real-life weapons in the game. Well, you can also get Nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile now. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. In this guide, we have explained how to turn the battlefield a nuclear war ground in CODM.

If you’ve played the earlier versions of Call of Duty, you must be familiar with the Tactical Nuke feature. Well, read along with the guide to learn about the attack in the mobile version of the game.

How to Get Nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Get Nuke in CODM
Picture Credits: Ghost Gaming Live

You can Get Nuke in CODM once you have managed to get 20 kills using a gun in a streak without being killed in the game. Also, you have to be over Rank 20 in order to achieve this feat. In the PC versions of the game, the level requirement is comparatively lesser but the number of kills is higher.

The change in the eligibility of the weapon is derived due to the matchmaking algorithm in the mobile version of the game. Apart from that, there is one more change in the usage of the weapon. In the PC versions of the game, if you used a Nuke, the game would end and you will win. But, in the mobile version, even if you use a Nuke, the player will simply respawn after the effect has ended. However, the game will continue as if nothing happened.

Once you have activated the Nuke, you will see a button appear on the screen stating ‘Use Nuclear Weapon‘. You have to press that button and the character will open a computer and order a Nuclear strike on the enemies. Now you know how to Get Nuke in Call Of Duty Mobile, so go ahead and experience the Nuclear fight in the game.

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