Best Meme Generator App For IPhone And Android

Despite the popularity of memes, good meme generators can be hard to find.

Memes have become a language of their own among digital conversations. Often a meme can be a way to best describe a situation much better than words. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. are full of memes that get shared numerous times a day by the users. However, despite the wild popularity of Memes, there are only a few good free meme generator apps for iPhone and Android.

This is why in this article we will discuss the best free meme generator app for iPhone and Android that you can find in 2022.

Top Free Meme Generator App For iPhone And Android 2022

GATM Meme Generator


This is a good meme generator app that is updated frequently to improve the user experience. Users can pick images from the library or upload their own to create their unique meme. This app also does not watermark the memes which is great if users want to upload the memes anywhere. While this app can be used for free, users can remove the ads by going pro.



This is a great Android and iPhone meme generator app that is easy to use and allows for a lot of customization. Users can add and alter text in addition to a library of popular images that can be used to create memes. Moreover, the app is free-to-use and does not track a user’s online activity.

The Only downside to this app is that there is no way to remove the ads even through a paid option. Users will just have to work their way around these ads while creating hilarious memes.



This is a relatively older app that provides every basic tool users might need to create memes. While it is a perfectly good app, some users might find its lack of extra features disappointing. However, users just starting to make their own mems will find everything they need on this app. That being said, the app does get a lot of ads and does crash occasionally.



This is another good meme generator for iPhone and Android. It is a free app that has some in-app purchases. However, users can make do perfectly fine with the free version if they don’t need a lot of features and can stand a few ads. The app has fresh memes daily and users can also add their own photos to create exclusive memes.



This is an unconventional choice for this list but a perfectly apt one. It is so much more than just a meme creator and users simply need to look for meme outlets to start creating in the app. Moreover, if users have picked their own image for the meme, they wouldn’t even get a watermark. This is quite a plus point for the app as not many apps offer this option.

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