Best Cultures In Evony: The King’s Return

Evony is a free-to-play online multiplayer game where players get to build their empires across different cultures. With 7 cultures to choose from, players are not short of choices. However, which cultures are the best in Evony? Since each culture has its own bonuses, it is difficult to say that one culture is ideal in the game. In fact, the best cultures in the game depend on what type of bonuses players want in their game at the time.

Which Cultures Are The Best In Evony: The King’s Return?


While some bonuses are better over a long period of time, other bonuses might help players accomplish more short-term tasks. Players can find the bonuses provided by each culture below.


This culture is great for players that are just starting out in the game. It can function well till mid-game as it helps with boss rallies. In addition, players can also use this culture to upgrade expensive buildings easily.


This culture is great for players that want to stock up on resources as well as train a large army.


This culture is great for late game attack heavy keeps. Moreover, it can also be helpful for bulk crafting expensive equipment.


Once players have advanced a bit in their game, this culture can be great for city growth.


This culture is great for players that want to research expensive tech and produce gold.


This culture is great for defensive players. Players can get bulk trap training easily.


This culture is well-suited for healing a large number of expensive troops in hospital. In addition, it is also good for bulk offering tributes/gems.

When players start a game, they are asked to pick a culture. However, players do have one free culture change in the game. Further, players can change their culture for 2000 Gems.

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