Best Android Emulator For Low End PC

Here’s FameGame’s list of the lightest and fastest emulators.

These emulators have low RAM requirements and are quite easy on the PC.

What Are The Best Android Emulator Applications For A Low End PC?

These emulators are non-demanding and let players enjoy games like PUBG, CODM, or Free Fire on a PC. let us quickly go through the options.

Bluestacks 5

This is perhaps the most well known Android Emulator and it works well with a low end PC. It is completely free to use and still ad-free. We do not need to tell readers what a rare combination that is. Players with Windows 7 and up can use this emulator without any hassle. It requires 4 GB of RAM and 5 GB of memory to run smoothly.


Gameloop is a very popular Android emulator amongst gamers as it has direct support from developers of PUBG Mobile and also functions well with a low end PC. Games like Arena of Valor and Honkai Impact are also supported on this platform. Similar to Bluestacks 5, it requires Windows 7 or higher to function.

While it’s minimum RAM requirement is 3 GB, it is recommended to have an 8 GB device. It requires 1 GB of minimum free storage.


It is a fast and low requirement emulator that is especially created for gamers. Players will require Windows 7 or up with 1.5 GB minimum RAM. However, it is recommended to have a 4 GB RAM with 1.5 GB minimum memory to run smoothly.


This is another Android Emulator that PC gamers can benefit from. It is quite easy to use and even casual players can access this emulator without any issues. In addition to gaming, users can also run other applications on this emulator. It also requires a minimum of Windows 7 or up with 2 GB of RAM. Players can use this with ease if they have just 2 GB of minimum memory.


This is another Android emulator that is quite good for gamers and can work well with a low end PC. Players with Windows 7 or up should be set to use this emulator easily. It requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM through 4 GB is the recommended number. Players will require 4 GB of memory to run this smoothly.

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