Are Steam Servers Down Right Now? Check Server Status

Why is Steam offline?

Why Is Steam Offline?

There can be a number of reasons behind Steam being offline. The Steams servers may be down or there might be scheduled maintenance underway. To that point, Steam does undergo scheduled maintenance every Tuesday. However, there is a very short period of time that the servers are down during this time. Players can usually shut down their PC, restart in 10 minutes and find Steam to be working again. Moreover, Steam generally faces server issues when there are sales or discounts going on as there is a rush of players looking to avail themselves of the promotional offers. Sometimes, the issue can also be at the player’s end in the form of connectivity issues.

Steam Servers Down

How To Check If Steam Servers Are Down?

Downdetector is a great site to check if the Steam Servers are down. If Steam is offline due to server issues, this site will let you know. In case Downdetector shows that Steam is currently offline, players will have to wait for the issue to be sorted out. Steam is quick to solve any bugs so there won’t be a long waiting period before Steam is up and running again.

Is There A Way To Play Steam Games Offline?

  • To play Steam games offline, players will first need to log in to the official Steam website.
  • Next, players should check the ‘Remember my password’ option.
  • Update all the games you want to play offline.
  • Go to Steam settings.
  • Unselect the “Don’t save account credentials on this computer” option.
  • From the main Steam page select ‘Go offline’.
  • Restart Steam in offline mode.
  • This should allow players to enjoy all their favourite Steam games offline.

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